New Patients

General Dentistry

NHS Patients

    There are restrictions on who can receive treatment under the National Health Service (NHS) for an orthodontic problem:

  • The patient must be 18 or under at the time they are referred to the orthodontist. NHS orthodontic care isn’t available for Adults.
  • The patient must have a sufficiently serious problem.

An NHS patient will need to be referred to us at Lancashire Orthodontics by your own dentist. Please note, that if you have been told by your dentist that you are being referred you can request to be referred to us. Please note we may have an NHS waiting list.

Private Patients

If you would like to join our practice as a private pay as you go patient, please contact us to arrange a consultation appointment.

We charge a fixed fee for new patients of £60, which is payable in advance of the appointment and goes towards your treatment. Payment may be made over the telephone by card.

This includes a comprehensive examination, one x-ray and a written estimate of costs of any treatment.

Prior to your visit we will send a welcome pack which includes a medical history questionnaire as well as information about the practice and the different services we offer.

Talk to one of our team members today about the right orthodontic treatment for you by calling us on 01254 51579 or e-mailing